Click on the dance name to see the instructions - watch the video where available


     Mrs Bunty Somes (4x40)                                                                                          Tartan Rainbow (3x32)

   Barrie Alexander Strathspey (4x32)                                                                            Hunter House Mill (4x32)


  The Three Square Strathspey (3x32)                                                   Ian and Joan McKenzie’s Strathspey (3x40)

Miss Betty Ferguson of Dumfries (4x32)                                       Two Furlongs (6x32 or 3x32 twice - built in encore!)

        Evelyn’s Surprise (5x32)

Moving South (8x40)

The Millenium Bug (8x32)

40 Merks (8x32)

Queen of the Seas (4x32)

Lady Nelthorpe (8x32)

More Difficult

      Corstorphine Road (4x32)

Kate's Travels (4x40)

Half and Half (8x32)