Click on the dance name to see the instructions - watch the video where available


           Barton Barbecue (4x32)                                                                                                                                   Welcome Home (8x32)

After Supper (8x32)

Ashby Petronella (8x32)

The Day of Dance (4x32)

Loch Ness Monster Reel (8x32)

Amber's Reel (8x32)

Pudsey's Reel (4x32)

Marian's Reel (8x32)

60 and Still Going Strong (8x32)


           The Annan Reel (3x32)                                                    The Dice Dance (8x48)                                                   Red Squirrel Reel (8x40)

             The Dancers Web (8x32)                                           The Dumfries Rambler (4x32)                                         Fairyknowe Lodge (8x32)

Fisherman's Reel (5x32)

Dunblane Holiday (1x88)

Caledonian Caper (8x40)

More Difficult

         Kaleidoscope Reel (1x80)                                                                                                                                       Thistle Dubh (6x32)

Laird of Lochmaben (5x32)

Lack O' Men (4x40)